Ash Dieback update

On 26th March 2013 Defra published the Chalara Management Plan. The Tree Council has produced a summary, which is intended as a practical guide to the plan.

On December 18th 2013, The Tree Council visited a woodland in eastern Kent, where ash trees are dying of a fungal disease, known as Ash Dieback. This disease, first recorded in the United Kingdom during 2012, poses a serious threat to the millions of ash trees growing throughout the country.

We have created a slideshow of the symptoms of Chalara fraxinea (the dieback fungus), which should help you spot the disease.

You can download an annotated photo ID guide for summer, and a winter photo ID guide showing you all the symptoms of ash dieback to look out for.

As many of us look forward to autumn and winter walks, it is important to be aware of the spread of Ash Dieback. If you believe you have spotted ash dieback in your area, please report it using the Forestry Commission's online reporting form. You can also find more information about the disease, and how it is being tackled, on their website.

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