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Friends of the Tree Council

By becoming a Friend of The Tree Council, you will help us put trees in school playgrounds, train the Tree Wardens who plant, care for and champion trees in their local communities, and act on issues of national concern – all of this for the price of a sandwich (and a coffee if you’re feeling generous). Just £3 a month makes a difference, and you'll get a copy of our bi-annual magazine Tree News too, as a thank you.

What your donation does

  • £3 could buy 30 acorns for our Tree Wardens to plant, while £4 could buy 800 birch seeds for our Tree Wardens to plant
  • £5 could plant a metre (10 plants) of fruiting hedgerow, for the local community and wildlife
  • £10 could buy a children’s toolkit, to get them outside and involved
  • £15 could plant and care for a tree until its big enough to survive on its own
  • £50 could buy 3 spades for tree wardens to use planting trees in their community
  • £100 could buy 900 litres of mulch for news planted trees and hedgerows

Have a look at our FAQs for more information.

You can call us on 020 7407 9992 if you prefer to speak to someone to make a monthly or one-off donation, or if you wish to make someone a Friend as a gift. Alternatively download a sign-up form or the full Friends leaflet. Thank you for your support.