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6 ways to support trees beyond National Tree Week

The Tree Council

December 11, 2019

National Tree Week was awesome – so what next?

Millions of people around the country became Tree Champions in National Tree Week, laying down roots for a tree-filled future.  National tree Week 2019 was quite possibly the biggest and best since Plant a tree in 73 kicked the whole thing off.

You may not know it, but National Tree Week began because people around the country were horrified at the impact a tree disease called Dutch elm disease was having on one of our most common and iconic trees, the elm. So, a campaign called Plant a Tree in 73 was organised and hundreds of thousands of people planted trees around the country, many of which are still giving enjoyment to communities and benefits to wildlife.

The challenge facing our trees is even greater today. The threat of the climate emergency and the impact of ash dieback disease on the ash, our third most common broadleaved tree, means our trees need our help, now.

During National Tree Week, millions of people joined forces to plant a forest of hope across the UK. Organisations, communities, local councils and more donned a spade and put trees into the ground, the trees that will be the handsome canopy of the future.

What comes next? Here’s some simple ways to continue being a Tree Champion:

  1. Care for your newly planted trees. This is the most important thing you can do for the trees. follow these 8 simple tips for easy tree aftercare. And you can care for other trees too – like giving any thirsty-looking trees on your street a quick drink. Remember – TLC – Trees Love Care!
  2. Write to your local MP asking them to make commitments on trees – with just over a week until the next General Election trees have become a key topic of debate. As soon as your new MP has been decided, write to them, or visit them during their surgery hour, to find out how they plan to champion trees over the coming five years. You can also follow the work of our friends at Wildlife and Countryside Link as they continue to cover this in the General Election and beyond.
  3. Find out if your local authority has a tree strategy – local tree strategies are not just documents – they are important plans which help to ensure that trees are cared for, planted and managed in a strategic way. Give your local authority a call and find out if the document exists. If it doesn’t, write to your local councillors and request that this be prioritised
  4. Donate to be a Tree Angel – there’s still plenty of time to support our fundraising campaign with the Daily Mail, which will plant 1,000 orchards in 1,000 schools and support tree and hedgerow projects nationwide. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for a tree-lover in your life!
  5. Join us over email, Twitter and Facebook for more news – stay in touch and we can let you know what the next opportunities are to support your local trees – sign up here
  6. Become a volunteer Tree Warden with The Tree Council – our 6,000 Tree Wardens are the tree champions of their local area – they plant, care for, monitor and campaign for their local trees. Find out if you have a Tree Warden network in your area by searching our events calendar.

If you didn’t get a chance to plant a tree yet, don’t despair. The tree planting season continues until March, so get out there and plant!


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