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A glade of trees to green London Victoria for World Environment Day

The Tree Council

May 31, 2024

Travellers and commuters can pledge to make a small green change in their lives – and have a tree planted for them – as The Tree Council brings vibrant Spring foliage into London Victoria station for a week to mark World Environment Day, on June 5.

The Tree Council, the national charity working together for the love of trees, will green the concourse at London Victoria with the installation of a twenty-foot beech tree surrounded by silver birches, a yew and other species native to southern England, for the week around World Environment Day.

Passengers will be invited to take a seat on a special bench under the magnificent beech and feel the benefit of being close to nature in such a busy urban environment.

An initiative between The Tree Council and partners at Network Rail Southern Region, the installation will invite station visitors to make their pledge on card ‘leaves’ – which will be attached to the trees. For every pledge made, The Tree Council, thanks to Network Rail Southern Region, will plant a tree as part of the partners’ ongoing community planting programme.

The Tree Council CEO, Sara Lom said: “Nature makes us all feel better! Trees can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve our mental wellbeing.

“So many people in cities are deprived of nature, and we wanted everyone passing through London Victoria to have their day brightened up with these beautiful trees.”

“We’d love for passengers, commuters, or even those waiting at the station for loved ones or colleagues, to take a moment to connect with nature, and then consider a small, manageable change they could make in their own life to help the environment.

“While each pledge alone may seem tiny, if the thousands of people passing through London Victoria every day committed to one small change, it could make a huge difference.”

The Tree Council works with Network Rail to help improve trackside management of trees, hedgerows and other vegetation. As a ‘critical friend’, the charity advises Network Rail on ways it can manage its trees to create or safeguard wildlife corridors while it carries out the important vegetation management needed to keep the railways safe.

Across the four-year partnership, The Tree Council and Network Rail have planted and cared for 350,000 trees throughout Britain, targeting areas of high deprivation, and often working with social enterprises and special needs groups.

World Environment Day is a global initiative led by the UN Environment Programme. The focus for 2024 is on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience – all areas where tree planting can deliver a substantial, positive impact.

Huge thanks to the expert team at Hortus Loci for the beautiful tree installation at London Victoria.

The Tree Council will be at London Victoria Station, London, for a week from Monday June 3. World Environment Day 2024 is on June 5, to find out more please visit www.worldenvironmentday.global/ To find out more about The Tree Council, please visit www.treecouncil.org.uk


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