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A new community woodland for Nutfield

The Tree Council

July 30, 2021

When Liz Ramsay, a Tree Warden in Nutfield, first hatched a plan to create a new community woodland she couldn’t have imagined the many challenges the pandemic would present for tree planting. But she didn’t let that stop her!

Inspired by her involved in planting the existing Millenium Wood nearby, Liz asked the Nutfield Parish Council for permission to plant almost 1,000 trees to create an amazing new community woodland. Having got the green light, Nutfield Tree Wardens ordered the first 550 trees and were ready to go – but then lockdown hit and they were forced to make a new plan.

Covid-19 regulations meant that only two people could be on site at any one time, ruling out their original plans for a community tree planting event. Instead, a carefully-planned rota of volunteers came in two by two, with Tree Wardens on hand to provide advice and guidance. An incredible 450 trees were planted in just two days and the new wood was underway!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Tree Warden Scheme, The Tree Council had gifted the Nutfield Tree Wardens a ‘New Horizon’ elm tree – and this was the first tree to be planted in the new Jubilee Wood. It stands close to the entrance to welcome visitors and is a wonderful symbol of all the Tree Wardens have achieved.

The second phase of planting is due to take place this autumn. With all being well, more people will be able to get involved in tree planting this year and celebrate the new woodland as a community.

At Team Tree Council, we’re continually inspired by the dedication, creativity and passion of Tree Wardens. Thank you to Nutfield Tree Wardens for making this fantastic project happen!

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining our brilliant Tree Wardens and getting involved in your area, click here.


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