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Gallery: our top Tree Time picks!   

The Tree Council

December 14, 2022

Image credit: Diana Cotter

For this year’s National Tree Week we wanted to give our tree-mendous supporters on social media an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the wonderful trees and nature right on their doorstep.  

We believe that protection starts with connection, and that there are connections to be made with nature wherever you are in the country! From a busy street in a bustling city to a tranquil footpath in a faraway village, spending time with our local trees and hedgerows can open our eyes to the everyday wonders around us and really improve our wellbeing. 

We were delighted by the responses we received and couldn’t be-leaf some of the wonderful pictures of Tree Time that people shared with us. 

If you missed out on this year’s Tree Time, don’t worry, we’ll be continuing this feature throughout the year. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to see the original posts and plan some quality Tree Time for the weekend!  

For now though, why not get inspired by some of our favourite entries below…  

After day one’s gentle encouragement to leaf your phone at home, people really got into the swing of things for day two’s suggestion to create a leaf rainbow. Leaf artist extraordinaire (and winner of our #TreeTime book bundle!) Diana Cotter got Twitter inspired with her beautiful rainbow:


On day four, dozens of people shared their favourite trees with us, including some lovely stories of why…







Diana was back for day five’s get sketching, which produced some masterpieces:


On day seven we challenged you to embrace the elements and explore your local trees, no matter the weather. We asked you to tell us what you saw in just five words and received some wonderfully evocative responses:

‘Ochre hues shrouded in mist’ – Christine Ellis, on Facebook ‘Golden glory of sunlit leaves’ – Diana Cotter 


Stay tuned to our social media pages for future #TreeTime suggestions!

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