Holly Chetan-Welsh

Head of Communications & Partnerships

Holly joined The Tree Council just before National Tree Week 2018 and looks after all our communications functions such as media, digital, marketing and fundraising.


Holly studied Theology and Anthropology at Oxford and Manchester before starting professional life in local government. She moved from there to charity communications, with a stint leading a team of volunteers on an environmental project in Malawi in between.

Holly says about trees:

“There’s nothing important about life that cannot be learned from trees. They inspire awe, wonder and connectedness, and the older I get the more time I want to spend under their branches. There’s so much to see on this green planet, yet nothing brings peace to my heart so much as walking in the British countryside.”

Holly’s favourite tree:

“I do feel a real kinship with the tree that is my namesake! Holly’s bright berries and waxy leaves gladden the wood during the winter months – my favourite time of year.”