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Be a Tree Angel This Christmas!

The Tree Council

November 11, 2019

Daily Mail issues national call to plant more trees

The Daily Mail have launched an exciting new campaign inviting readers to be a Tree Angel this Christmas, helping to planting trees around the country.

Kicking off at the start of National Tree Week on Saturday 23 November, the campaign will give readers the opportunity to claim a free tree to plant in their garden, or to donate to support local tree planting projects around the country, particularly in our towns and cities where they are needed most.

Support the Be A Tree Angel Campaign

National Tree Week this year is an opportunity for everyone can be part of tackling climate change by planting a tree between 23 November and 1 December.

The Tree Council’s National Tree Week started as a campaign in 1973 to replant trees lost to Dutch elm disease, which took millions of iconic trees out of the UK landscape. This year, in possibly the biggest National Tree Week campaign yet, organisations, businesses and communities around the UK have grasped the opportunity to do their bit to reduce UK carbon emissions by planting trees in their community.

Tree planting events are happening across the country on every scale. Mass tree plantings are being organised by many organisations including Trees for Cities and the Woodland Trust. Environmentalist and founder of charity Another Way, 17-year-old Amy Bray, is mobilising volunteers to plant 1,700 trees in Matterdale, Cumbria in partnership with The Tree Council and Ullswater CIC. Local community groups including Friends of the Earth groups are holding planting events in the local community. And many families and individuals are planting trees in their own garden to lay down roots for a greener, more tree-filled future, with trees being provided by Trees for Cities, Mayor of London, TCV and the Woodland Trust.

Evidence is mounting on the potential of trees to act as an incredible natural technology to absorb and store carbon dioxide as part of efforts to reduce UK carbon emissions. According to the government-appointed Committee on Climate Change, we need to plant around 30,000 hectares of trees every year for the next thirty years throughout the UK – which is approximately the size of the Isle of Wight (38,000 ha) in trees every year. However, last year in England less than 1,500 hectares were planted in England.

To make the challenge harder, UK trees are threatened by many pests and diseases. For example, ash dieback disease is now found across the UK and will infect around 90% of the UK’s ash trees, our third most common broadleaved tree.

If we are to make a real difference, we all need to get involved. The Tree Council’s National Tree Week is an opportunity for everyone to plant a tree and help ensure a greener, tree-filled future.

Support the Be A Tree Angel Campaign

Read more about National Tree Week.


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