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Ben Fogle presents The Tree Council’s charity appeal on BBC Radio 4

The Tree Council

December 8, 2023

Adventurer and broadcaster, Ben Fogle shares his love of trees and the important role they play in his life, when he delivers the BBC Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of The Tree Council.

The former Countryfile co-presenter speaks of the “solace in times of hardship” that trees continue to provide for him, in the BBC Radio 4 broadcast on Sunday 17 December at 07.54 and 21.25, and again at 15.27 on Thursday 21 December.

Ben says: “One of life’s great pleasures for me is planting trees.

“Trees clean the air we breathe and they provide shade, shelter and food for birds, insects and precious small mammals.

“Above all, in my darkest moments, in times of loss and sadness, trees have provided me and my family with solace, comfort and awe.”

A long-time supporter of The Tree Council, the national charity that brings everyone together for the love of trees, Ben appeals for listeners to support The Tree Council’s vital work – championing, planting and caring for life-giving trees and hedgerows in schools and parks, on streets, in community spaces and care homes, on farms and along country lanes, and so many other locations, for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Ben also speaks about The Tree Council’s Young Tree Champions programme, and its success “igniting a passion for trees and nature among young people” in schools across the UK.

He tells the story of one young pupil – one among many – whose life and prospects were transformed through connection with The Tree Council’s inspiring schools programme, and the simple, affirming act of creating new life from the soil.

In 2024, The Tree Council celebrates 50 years since its foundation, when it was launched to help replant the nation in the wake of the devastation caused by Dutch elm disease. Since then, millions of trees have been planted with the support of thousands of volunteers, so many lives have been changed and so many landscapes improved – both in cities and the countryside.

Listen to the Radio 4 Appeal – broadcast during the crucial winter tree planting season – and see how you can help shape The Tree Council’s next 50 years.

The Tree Council CEO, Sara Lom said: “As the year changes and The Tree Council’s 50th anniversary begins, we are delighted to be chosen as a Radio 4 Appeal.

“Trees embody the past, present and green future of our planet and so we send huge thanks to the brilliant BBC audience for helping our work to plant and care for trees and hedgerows in parks, playgrounds and pastures across the UK.”

The first £10,000 received in donations will be matched by a generous Tree Council supporter, meaning your donation will go twice as far.

Ben Fogle will deliver the Radio 4 Appeal, on behalf of The Tree Council, on Sunday December 17 at 07.54 and 21.25, and again at 15.27 on Thursday December 21.

To donate during appeal week visit the Radio 4 Appeal webpage or search online for BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Alternatively, send cheques payable to The Tree Council, with the back of the envelope marked ‘The Tree Council’, to Freepost BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

Visit our Radio 4 Appeal page to find out more and to make a donation before or after the appeal week.


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