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Chesterfield and Lancaster Councils launch their new Tree Warden Networks as part of National Tree Week celebrations

The Tree Council

December 10, 2021

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of two new Tree Warden Networks led by Chesterfield Borough Council and Lancaster City Council. Sam Village, our National Tree Warden Scheme Coordinator, had the pleasure of leading induction training for all the new volunteers and, as it was National Tree Week, there was an opportunity celebrate the launch of the Networks with some tree planting!

An English Oak was planted in the park outside the Town Hall in Chesterfield, paid for by Chesterfield Council, and several trees including birches, rowans and a ginkgo were planted on urban greenspaces opposite the rail line at St Chads in Lancaster, funded by The Tree Council’s national tree planting programme headed by our own Lewis Morrison.

Sarah Poulton,Tree Warden Coordinator for Chesterfield Network said “It was very valuable for the new Tree Wardens to hear about the history of The Tree Council and how the Tree Warden Scheme works. It was also good for them to hear that there is no specific ‘way to do it’ and we can evolve in a way that works for us…. Everyone seemed really quite keen which I think is really promising and a great start.”

Stefanie Gray, Tree Warden Coordinator for Lancaster City Council, said “We are very excited to become part of the Tree Warden Scheme. We understand how important trees are to the environment and for wellbeing. The Tree Council’s Tree Warden Scheme is an excellent way to help plant, protect and promote local trees in the area. We are very lucky to have so many people in the district who are passionate about trees. We have already had an overwhelming response from people wanting to become Tree Wardens and are looking forward to working with The Tree Council and communities of like-minded people. It will have a huge impact on the district and help the council meet its ambitions.”

The first activities for Chesterfield Tree Wardens will be supporting the council in recording and mapping notable trees within the borough, and Lancaster Tree Wardens will be meeting in the New Year to organise their first projects. Both Networks are really looking forward to future training sessions using The Tree Council’s Tree Warden training modules.

Team Tree Council wish them all well as they grow in strength and vigour, just as we hope the trees will that have been planted to commemorate these two new volunteer networks.


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