Clare Bowen

Director of Programmes, Partnerships & Communications

Clare coordinates our amazing network of volunteer Tree Wardens, bringing them together at annual events, providing training and encouraging new networks to be set up. She also manages tree planting schemes including the Tree Angel Orchards Fund. This project will plant orchards and create young tree champions in thousands of schools across the country. Clare also develops new partnerships with businesses and other organisations who care about trees.

Before joining The Tree Council, Clare was part of establishing the Royal Parks Foundation over ten years, helping millions of visitors get the most out of these iconic parks through education, nature, heritage and wellbeing programmes. Having led the hedgehog research programme in Regent’s Park, Clare continues to promote hedgehog conservation in her spare time.

Clare says about trees:

“‘I love trees because they give me sticks so I can be a Ninja,’ said my 4 year old. ‘I love trees because I can climb them,’ said my 6 year old. As for me? I love trees because they will continue to look after them both when I’m gone.”

Clare’s favourite tree:

“Life’s a beech! Beech are my favourites because they remind me of time spent in the beautiful beech forests where my mother lives in Normandy. Their way of casting dappled light on the forest floor, their impressive thick silver trunks and soaring canopy, fill me with joy.”