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Discover a summer harvest with hedgerow foraging

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June 17, 2020


Discover a summer harvest with hedgerow foraging

Did you know that there’s a whole host of summer fruits hidden in the UK’s hedgerows, just waiting to be picked and enjoyed? With the solstice just around the corner, summer is in full swing and the woods are full of fruity hedgerow foraging opportunities.

Plums, cherries and mulberries, are just some of the delicious fruits which grow in our hedgerows during the summer. To take advantage of this free harvest, all you need to do is take a few carriers bags and this short guide to the best pickings to be had during a June walk.

Damsons, bullaces and mirabelle plums

These are all kinds of wild and semi-wild plums that grow in hedges, heathland and parks. They’re small (about the size of a 10p piece), oval in shape and grow in small bunches like cherries do. They come in a few colours – green, yellow, plum-red – but you’re most likely to spot the blue-black hedgerow ones that look like large sloes.

There’s enough tasty flesh on this fruit to add it to pies and crumbles. The high pectin levels in these wild plums mean that they’re really good for adding to jam as they help the other fruits set easily. And if you need something to ward off the winter blues, a tot or two of damson gin is a must.

damson fruit

Other fruity finds

There are other fruit to look out for on your walks. In June look for wild cherries, they may be small and sour but they make a great addition to hedgerow jam. In July look for mulberries which are small purple/black berries that are intensely sweet and great to eat from the tree or they can be used in ices, jams and cordials. Also look out for unripe walnuts in June that make a great pickle.

wild cherries

Cook with your hedgerow haul

Get some fantastic ideas on how to cook and bake with hedgerow produce at the River Cottage website.

Do’s and don’ts of hedgerow foraging

If you do plan a walk with hedgerow harvesting in mind, there’s a few things to remember to ensure you stay safe and on the right side of the law:

  • Don’t pick anything from hedgerows at the side of busy roads – it’s just too polluted.
  • Make sure that the trees or shrubs you’re picking from don’t obviously belong to anyone. Even if the fruit is hanging over a pavement or a wall, if the tree or bush is on someone’s private property the fruit belongs to them.
  • See if you can find a curved stick when you’re out – they make a great hook for getting to fruit on higher branches.
  • If you’re crossing fields, watch for cattle and close any gates behind you.


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