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GALLERY: Freaky fungi Halloween spooktacular

The Tree Council

October 31, 2022

It’s Halloween and The Tree Council team has been out and about across the country working on hedgerows, sourcing new planting locations – and spotting some of the UK’s freaky fungi!

We love fungi because they have a very special relationship with trees, called a mycorrhiza.

A mycorrhiza describes the symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant, with specific reference to the role of the fungus in the plant’s rhizosphere, or root system.

So, to celebrate Halloween, we’ve put a gallery together featuring some of our favourite finds so far this season!

A Purple Webcap spotted in the New Forest by Jon Stokes, The Tree Council Director of Trees, Science & Research – such colour!

This wonderfully named beauty is called an Octopus Stinkhorn and was found in Petersfield by The Tree Council’s Head of Major Planting Projects, Phil Paulo

Here it is again! Also known as Devil’s Fingers – can you tell why? Definitely not something you would want to come across while trick or treating!

This very strange looking growth is a Yellow False Truffle, also spotted in the New Forest by Jon!

This Black Bulgar, spotted by Jessica Allan, The Tree Council’s Science and Research Projects Manager, in Windsor Great Park is giving out heavy Halloween vibes!

Working hard to perfect its Halloween colouring in its New Forest home, is the very stylish Orange Ping Pong Fungus

Like some sort of nightmare before Christmas, this is a Turkeytail fungi emerging from the moss in Windsor Great Park – another find by Jess!

Standing proud and ready to cause some Halloween trouble in the New Forest, is this glorious Golden Scalycap

Like a scene straight from Hansel and Gretel, this is a Fly Agaric looking to tempt an unfortunate creature along the trail. It was captured by Ian Turner, The Tree Council’s Head of Major Planting & Ecology Projects – Southern Region, on Clachnaben hill in Aberdeenshire.

Someone or something has even taken a bite out this ‘shroom with a view!

These icey fingers waiting to pull the innocent into the underworld are called Candlesnuff, and were discovered in Windsor Great Park by Jess.

And if this little foray into the spooktacular world of fungi has whetted your appetite, stay tuned for more during National Tree Week – the UK’s biggest celebration of all things trees.

Taking place between November 26 and December 4, The Tree Council and partners will be running a fungi theme throughout National Tree Week, with talks and much more.

Visit www.treecouncil.org.uk/seasonal-campaigns/national-tree-week/ for all the details, and sign up to The Tree Council newsletter The Leaflet for all the latest on the love of trees.


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