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Grow a Tree in 23 this National Tree Week!

The Tree Council

November 16, 2023

This year’s National Tree Week (November 25 – December 3) is extra special as it marks the 50th anniversary of the famous ‘Plant a Tree in 73’ campaign – from which The Tree Council was born!

To pay tribute to those foundations, and echo the well-loved slogan half a century later, The Tree Council wants as many people as possible to have the opportunity to Grow a Tree in 23 – either by participating in an organised tree planting event, or by hosting their own National Tree Week (NTW) Tree Party!

The crucial change in the wording – ‘grow’ instead of ‘plant’ – reflects the continued care trees need after planting to ensure they thrive, to become the carbon-guzzling, wildlife supporting, wellbeing enhancing, mature specimens that deliver so many benefits in our urban and rural environments.

There are tree planting events big and small taking place all over the country during NTW – all you need to join in is enthusiasm, warm clothing, and a love for creating new life from the soil.

And if you can’t participate in an organised tree planting event, why not host your own Tree Party?

The Tree Council has created lots of resources, from activities for little ones; to advice on choosing the ‘right tree for the right place’; craft ideas to turn your home into a temple for trees; tree health tips to help you assess the wellbeing of nearby specimens; tree species leaf, flower and seed identification postcards, and much, much more.

You could even start early using the seeds you have collected during Seed Gathering Season earlier in the Autumn.

So why not gather family, friends, and neighbours, or work with your local community group, scout association, school, care home, or anyone else you can think of, to celebrate trees during National Tree Week.

You could host a Tree Party in your nearby park, your garden, or any other community space, and if you can’t Grow a Tree in 23, why not just find a favourite, give it hug and say thanks for all its life-giving benefits.

Visit the National Tree Week website to find your nearest tree planting event, connect with all The Tree Council’s brilliant partner organisations and access lots of fun and interactive Tree Party resources.

The Tree Council CEO, Sara Lom said: “We are delighted to be celebrating National Tree Week, which provides a fantastic opportunity for all of us to come together for the love of trees and to encourage everyone not only to plant a tree but also to care for it so it will grow to maturity.

“Trees and hedgerows help us tackle climate change, provide homes for wildlife, improve our health and so much more. We need to help them back and by getting involved, you’ll be part of growing a greener, tree-filled future for all of us.

“We’re so grateful to everyone across the UK for taking part in National Tree Week”

Forestry Commission Chair, Sir William Worsley said: “We are looking forward to celebrating National Tree Week with the Tree Council, especially in this special year which sees 50 years since it all first began with ‘Plant a tree in 1973.’

“The government’s tree-planting goals are hugely important to preventing nature loss, achieving net zero ambitions and creating new green jobs, and on behalf of the Forestry Commission, I encourage as many people as possible to get involved by planting and caring for a tree this year.”

National Tree Planting Year 1973, and its now iconic slogan, was a countrywide response to the dramatic loss of trees from Dutch Elm Disease. The campaign led to the founding, in 1974, of The Tree Council, as a way to bring organisations working for trees together. A year later, The Tree Council organised the first National Tree Week – and the rest is history!

National Tree Week 2023, brought to you by The Tree Council and partners, takes place between November 25 and December 3. To find out more visit www.nationaltreeweek.org.uk


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