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Growing a national forest of tree-friendly schools

The Tree Council

July 17, 2020

richard pollard, national schools programme manager

Our new National Schools Programme Manager Richard Pollard talks about how he came to join us, and his mission to grow our schools programme and save planet earth!

It’s been a dream of mine since I was a boy to be part of ‘mission save planet earth’. Now, excitingly, I get the chance to do just that, by engaging and inspiring thousands of schools to plant orchards and become tree champions for life.

I started my career as an engineer, before being inspired to teach Geography. There is where I found my true vocation – knee deep in a river, with muddy hands, teaching children about the wonder of life! I went on to head up the learning services department for the southern branch of the national charity Groundwork. For the past four years I’ve had the pleasure of leading Kew Garden’s National outreach programme Grow Wild for England, which has really opened my eyes to the passion and creative drive that communities around the country truly have to give back in some way: from hospitals, to schools, to care homes, even prisons. My 13 year-old, Sam, would say ‘that’s cheesy, dad,’ but my experience has been that, everyone wants to make a difference.

Our goal with The Tree Council’s National Schools Programme is to work together to help schools to reconnect with their children, parents and communities during these difficult times, and to inspire them to grow a deeper connection with nature through the wonder of trees. This will bring to many benefits to the health, well-being and futures of the children – and of us all. I look forward to working with you to make this a reality in your community!


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