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How can Tree Wardens support their local schools in being a Force For Nature?

The Tree Council

December 14, 2021

The Tree Council has a brilliant National Schools Programme which aims to unlock the power of trees for all young people . One element of this is the Orchards for Schools project, which will create fantastic orchards and fruiting hedgerows in schools around the country.

We know many Tree Warden networks already work closely with local schools to inspire children to get involved in tree projects. This webinar will demonstrate how Tree Wardens and volunteers can support schools in their area to apply for and get stuck into an Orchards for Schools or Young Tree Champions project.

Presented by National Tree Warden Co-ordinator Sam Village and National Schools Programme Manager Richard Pollard, the one hour webinar will help you unlock the steps you can take to grow a supportive relationship with local schools.

We will discuss:

  • An overview of The Tree Council’s National Schools Programmes and associated projects.
  • Health and Safety: health and safety considerations that protect you and the school and how to go about discussing these considerations.
  • Practical support: what practical support and advice schools are likely to need, from planning an orchard to delivering a planting event to general orchard or hedgerow maintenance and care.
  • Learning and engagement: what learning opportunities you can help schools develop, finding ways to share your passion and knowledge of trees or opportunities to help schools raise the profile of their project in the local community. We’ll also share the orchard packs and digital resources on offer from The Tree Council.

We will leave you with some top tips which will help you and the school manage expectations and encourage the germination of a really positive and supportive relationship.


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