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Visit immersive Force for Nature Exhibition opening at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Tree Council

June 7, 2023

The Tree Council is bringing its immersive Force for Nature Exhibition, featuring the voices of children from across Britain expressing their hopes for a greener future, to Birmingham Botanical Gardens between June 12 – 15.

Working with renowned digital artists, Squidsoup and former The Voice contestant – and Young Tree Champions Ambassador – Benjamin Haycock, The Tree Council will premiere a sensory experience combining music, light and sculpture, accompanied by audio recordings of school children taken throughout the year as part of The Tree Council’s National Schools Programme.

Richard Pollard is Head of The Tree Council’s National Schools Programme, and producer of the Force for Nature Exhibition, he said: “’The Force for Nature Exhibition is a wonderful and illuminating opportunity to really hear and listen to the voices of children in some of Britain’s most nature-deprived communities.

“Our children care deeply about nature and tackling the climate emergency – their voices need to be heard.”

The exhibition is free to attend with a valid ticket to Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

As well as entering Voices of Nature, the other-worldly soundscape full of inspiring messages, visitors will be able to engage directly with some of The Tree Council’s incredible Young Ambassadors, connect to trees and each other in a special and exciting way using the innovative Plant Wave – and even sow their own oak seed to take home and, with a little love and care, witness its transformation into a young tree.

Sara Lom, The Tree Council CEO, said: “The Force for Nature Exhibition is an exciting opportunity for schools from across Britain to come together to champion the power of young people and trees.

“The future health of our planet lies in young hands growing strong, green branches.”

The Force for Nature Exhibition showcases the achievements of more than one million children and young people from around 4,000 schools located across Britain. Thanks to The Tree Council, children, teachers and parents are finding ways to actively connect with nature and each other, and discover why trees play such a crucial role in improving health and wellbeing, as well as tackling the climate emergency.

The week-long Force for Nature Exhibition will close with the celebratory Force for Nature Festival on June 16, in the ballroom at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. School teachers and pupils from across Britain will come together for talks and a very special awards ceremony. The Festival will also feature live performances by Benjamin Haycock and world renowned, Paralympic artist, Rachel Gadsden.

The Tree Council Young Tree Champions Ambassador, Benjamin Haycock, said: “The Voices of Nature immersive installation, part of the Force for Nature Exhibition, features original recordings of the voices of children and young people of all ages taken on our travels throughout Britain.

“We felt it was so important to share their thoughts and give them an opportunity to speak out in an exciting and innovative way.

“Their voices carry deeply-held, authentic feelings about the natural world – it’s up to us to listen.”

The Force for Nature Exhibition wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of partners, M&G plc.

Jane Rawnsley, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility at M&G plc, said: “This is an opportunity for the passion and positivity of Young Tree Champions to be heard.

“We at M&G are proud to support the Young Tree Champions programme which gives young people the opportunity to connect with each other, trees and nature, and develop the skills and knowledge to help tackle the climate and ecological crises.

“We are delighted with the amazing impact the young people have achieved in being a true Force for Nature.”

The Tree Council’s Force for Nature Exhibition opens at Birmingham Botanical Gardens from June 12 – 15. Entry is free with a valid Birmingham Botanical Gardens ticket. To find out more, please visit www.youngtreechampions.org/forcefornatureexhibition/ and to connect with The Tree Council’s National Schools Programme, please visit www.youngtreechampions.org/


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