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Tree Warden membership holiday for 2020

The Tree Council

June 18, 2020

The Tree Council is pleased to offer all Tree Warden member networks a one-year holiday from their membership fee throughout 2020.

We hope this small gesture will give your network an additional boost to help you as you deliver vital tree initiatives in your communities again this year (restrictions permitting). All Network coordinators will receive further detailed information.
However, this does not mean The Tree Council team will be taking a holiday from supporting you, quite the opposite!

We are committed to supporting and growing your brilliant Tree Warden networks across the country by:

  • Providing advice and support on tree related matters – feel free to contact us at treewardens@treecouncil.org.uk
  • The monthly Branching Out e-newsletter – with the latest national tree news and initiatives it also provides a great opportunity to share your local news with other members
  • More regular emails and updates for Coordinators from Sam Village, your new National Coordinator
  • Access to community grant funding for trees, orchards, and hedgerows – see our website for details
  • Regional Tree Warden Forums – these may need to change in nature in 2020, but we are exploring how best to keep everyone connected and will be in touch again in the summer
  • Access to new online training resources from Autumn 2020
  • Invitations to the National Tree Warden Coordinator conference – details of how this may run in 2020 will be published later in the summer
  • Online Tree Warden resources on The Tree Council website
  • Facilitating and coordinating the national Advisory Group of Tree Wardens to help steer the future of the scheme
  • Access to Tree Warden branding and use of The Tree Council ‘Tree Warden Scheme’ logo, specifically designed for your network. Further details will be sent to networks upon confirmation of their membership
  • Your network listed on our website ‘Near You’ map, increasing your profile and enabling potential new tree wardens to find you, thus increasing your membership
  • Offering opportunities to contribute to national policy e.g. consultation on England’s Tree Strategy, plus national forums and debates on tree-related issues

Membership from April 2021

We are entering a new world that will present all sorts of different opportunities and challenges. We feel the coming year is a good moment to review the Tree Warden membership structure. From April 2021, we are exploring a new tiered structure of membership fees and this will be done in discussion with the national Advisory Group of Tree Wardens. We look forward to updating you in due course.


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