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National Tree Week underway as Burlington Junior School plants lime tree from Queen’s Green Canopy ‘Tree of Trees’

The Tree Council

November 24, 2022

The Tree Council gifted a lime tree that formed part of The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) ‘Tree of Trees’ outside Buckingham Palace to Burlington Junior School, Bridlington – located in East Riding of Yorkshire, one of the least wooded counties in the UK. 

As a QGC Partner, The Tree Council was chosen as one of 20 “inspiring organisations” to receive one of the 350 trees that stood tall as a beacon of hope, regeneration and optimism as part of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  

The lime tree will be planted in the school grounds beside a wildflower meadow area created by the children to attract wildlife. A planting ceremony will be led by pupils, teachers, The Tree Council representatives with special guest Bridlington Town Mayor, Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens, to mark the start of this year’s National Tree Week 

The Tree Council CEO Sara Lom said: “The Tree Council is delighted to present this green gift to the children of Burlington Junior School. This tree is a beacon of hope in a county with plenty of space for new trees to grow. We hope it will inspire these children to plant many more trees in their lifetime. It is wonderful to be here to take part in the planting ceremony with so many enthusiastic pupils and teachers.

“Burlington Junior School is one of our inspiring Young Tree Champion ‘Beacon Schools’, and we are thrilled to recognise their fantastic initiatives with this living legacy from Her Majesty’s Jubilee celebrations. This beautiful small-leaved lime is a long-lived tree. In Roman times, it was known as the ‘tree of a thousand uses’ and a form of woven rope was made from the inner bark. Honey made from lime tree flowers is highly prized across Europe for its complex taste.” 

As well as working with The Lions Club and other nearby community organisations on nature projects, the school established a Nature Council with representatives from every class. 

Burlington Junior School Teacher, Matthew Clark said: “Burlington Junior School is so proud to have been selected to receive this incredible tree.

“It will inspire our Burlington schools’ community for many generations to come; 30 of our pupils completed The Queen’s Green Canopy Young Foresters Award last summer. The gift of our tree acknowledges our school’s commitment for working with nature to improve our pupils’ social, emotional and mental health, and how we are working to improve our education and actions towards improving the environment locally, nationally and, ultimately, globally.

“For example, each of our pupils at Burlington Juniors is given the opportunity to plant a tree seed, which they will learn about, care for and then plant, creating a community ‘Forest for the Future’. Seeing pupils becoming excited about trees and the environment is an incredible and memorable educational experience for both pupils and adults.

“We thank The Tree Council and the many organisations we work with for their support.” 

Bridlington Town Mayor, Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens is joined by Burlington pupils for the planting, alongside, from left, Mr Clark; The Tree Council CEO Sara Lom and The Tree Council Director of Partnerships, Programmes and Comms, Clare Bowen

Here’s what some of Burlington’s brilliant pupils said:  

‘Trees help us to breathe so plant more trees’ Ivy: Year 3 

‘I love trees as they give us shelter and we can play with their leaves and sticks. We need to plant more of them as they make the world a better place.’ Emily: Year 4 

‘The more trees we plant, the more lives we’ll grow’ Hannah: Year 5 

‘The more we do for our planet, the brighter our future will be’ Jude: Year 6 


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