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New Tree Warden training is in development

The Tree Council

March 10, 2020

The National Tree Warden Advisory Group met at the beginning of March to discuss a Tree Warden training scheme. This will be funded by an award of £20,000 from Postcode Local Trust and matched-investment from The Tree Council.

The aim is to equip all Tree Warden Networks with updated training materials and provide coaching for lead volunteers within each network so that they can deliver a programme of core modules to an agreed national Tree Council standard. The training will enhance existing opportunities, rather than replace them.

Project objectives:

  1. To provide individual Networks with updated resources to deliver core modules of Tree Warden training, to an agreed national Tree Council standard
  2. To provide coaching to volunteer ‘Lead Trainers’ (Tree Wardens nominated by each Network), so they can deliver appropriate core training to their networks
  3. To enable networks to deliver core training sustainably year on year by making updated resources available digitally on an interactive and engaging platform
  4. To explore the development of a Tree Council Training & Events Logbook for each Tree Warden
  5. To evaluate the programme as it develops and incorporate feedback on a regular basis through the year

Core modules:

Following feedback from networks and coordinators and discussion with the Advisory Group, the core training syllabus for new Tree Wardens will include the following modules:

  1. A compulsory induction – Induction session for new Tree Wardens including their role, the important dos and don’ts, the value of trees as well as an overview of the topics below.
  2. Six core modules – based on updated materials from the Tree Warden Handbook
  • Trees & the law
  • Tree ID – summer and winter
  • Tree planting – planning and practice
  • Managing & caring for trees
  • Tree Health
  • Identifying areas of opportunity and safely organising events in your community

The Tree Council will update the core resources currently available in the existing Tree Warden Handbook. This information will be largely made available digitally to reduce our excessive use of paper, save on cost and to make materials available to schools and young tree champions. However, as a number of Tree Wardens do not have access to the internet, some printed versions of the modules will be available if required.

We hope to develop additional training modules in phase two of this training project to include other important aspects of trees including the importance of hedges, ancient trees, orchards, challenges facing trees in urban areas etc.

The Tree Council team will continue to work closely with the Advisory Group to develop this programme through the year. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please get in touch with your regional representative.


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