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Our new brand – some frequently asked questions

The Tree Council

February 11, 2020

The Tree Council has evolved its brand and developed a new website to help us achieve more for trees. Read on to find out more.

What do you mean by a ‘rebrand’?

A ‘rebrand’ is more than just changing colours or designs. We reflected on the organisations’ strengths, values and objectives and have crafted new language and a new visual identity to reflect that.

Practically speaking this means we’ve changed our language (like our strapline and how we describe what we do) and our visual identity (including our logo, the colours we use and the design style we use, including the website).

A consistent, clear brand tells people who we are and what we do and is a foundation stone for success.

Why has The Tree Council rebranded?

The organisation has a rich history and heritage which we’re very proud of. But the world, and the world of trees, is changing, as is The Tree Council team, so we’ve evolved our language and our visual expression of the brand to reflect this.

Our new strapline – working together for the love of trees

This reinforces the common thread throughout our history, and the truth most often reflected back to us by our partners and stakeholders, which is that we bring people together for trees. And ‘for the love of trees’ places our reason for being at the front and centre.

Our new logo

Trees are the heart of what we do. That’s why our new logo retains the central visual of a tree, but with a slightly more modern and open design. Whereas the previous logos were inside a box or a roundel, we now wanted to open it out, to reinforce that everyone is welcome to join us in working together for the love of trees. The tree is intended to be non-species-specific, but the shape was inspired by rowan and beech trees – just two of the iconic and beloved British tree species which are so important to both our rural and urban landscapes. We liked how the letter ‘I’ in the logo suggests a stick person sitting under the branches of the tree which forms the letter ‘L’, a reminder of the quote that ‘the meaning of life is to plant trees under which you do not expect to sit’. Everything we do is for the future: for trees, for wildlife and for people.

Our new colours

We’ve tweaked our colour palette to favour earthier tones as a reference and a tribute to nature, most especially the magnificence of broadleaved trees through the seasons – from vibrant green to burnt orange to deep russet.

Isn’t a ‘rebrand’ just fiddling around the edges?

No – this process was about understand our strengths, values and opportunities better, and evolving the brand to help us achieve our mission. A consistent, clear brand tells people who we are and what we do and is a foundation stone for success.

How much did the rebrand cost?

To keep the costs of this process down, we worked closely with a fantastic brand designer and a wordsmith and did a lot of the research and other practical stuff in-house. This allowed us to keep the process in the thousands of pounds rather than tens of thousands, which is what brand processes commonly cost.

What do I do with my materials which have the ‘old’ brand on them?

Please continue to use any resources you have which bear the old brand – but any new resources you develop, please use the new brand, using the brand guidelines we will provide to our volunteer Tree Wardens. Eventually, everything in the old brand will be replaced by the new one.

How long will it be until the new brand totally replaces the old one?

For most things, the change will be immediate – e.g social media, website. For some resources which are costly to replace or less frequently used, the items will be phased out over the next six-nine months.

New website, same address: www.treecouncil.org.uk

How do I access Tree Warden resources on the new website?

The Tree Wardens have their own section. It lives here.

Why was a new website necessary?

The Tree Council’s website had become outdated both in design and in the system that it operated on. This made it hard to change or add things to

Can the Tree Wardens have some new resources in the new brand?

Yes, the Tree Wardens will receive new resources, but to keep the process as affordable as possible for a small organisation, this will happen in stages. You can download our new brand guidelines digitally now from our website. You will also find an advice pack to help you apply the new brand to any digital resources you are creating. Next, you will receive a Tree Warden handbook in the new brand in the coming months. Later, we will look to produce some materials such as badges or t-shirts – we will ask Tree Wardens which materials they’d most like.

Do I have to use it?

Yes, please! Your support using the new brand will help us achieve consistency across everything we say about ourselves – and this is vital to having the right impact overall.

I have comments and feedback. Who do I contact?

Your feedback and questions are really welcome. Please email Holly at holly.chetan-welsh@treecouncil.org.uk 


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