Working with local authorities to protect trees

Local authorities and their Tree Officers are often unsung tree champions. They manage urban tree populations on very restricted budgets. We work with councils at the parish, borough and unitary level in many positive and creative ways, sharing the same passion for looking after our trees.

Working with local authorities, we:

  • Support Tree Warden Scheme Co-ordinators, many of which sit within local authorities.
  • Work with local authorities to prepare an action plan to tackle ash dieback disease.
  • Advocate for better funding and resources for local authority Tree Officers to allow them to better care for and protect local trees.

Could you set up a volunteer Tree Warden Network in your area?

Our volunteer Tree Wardens work with Tree Officers and local councils to plant, protect and stand up for their local trees. They plan and plant street trees, address planning issues affecting trees and map local tree populations. If you work in a local authority and would like to set up a volunteer Tree Warden Network in your area, find out more here or get in touch and we’d be delighted to support you.
Want to know if your local council has a tree strategy? Find out here. Or you can learn more about tree officer membership bodies the Association of Tree Officers and London Tree Officers Association on their websites.