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Plant an orchard in your school with the Tree Angel Orchards Fund

The Tree Council

March 5, 2020

Daily Mail Tree Angel Fund

Thousands of orchards will be planted in schools around the country thanks to The Daily Mail Tree Angel campaign. The Tree Council are inviting schools, teachers and student environment groups to apply to plant an orchard through the fund.

The orchards will provide fruit, absorb carbon and engage young people in the wonder of trees.

The Daily Mail Tree Angel campaign ran over Christmas 2019. It raised an amazing £1.5 million to plant orchards, trees and hedgerows across the UK. Supporters included Sir Jony Ive, Sir Alan Sugar, Richard Caring, Sainsburys, Dobbies, Network Rail and over a thousand generous readers. This includes a special fund to create fruit-giving orchards in schools. Register your interest for the fund now.

The Tree Angel campaign will help us plant and care for trees in towns, cities, villages and woodlands around the UK. The trees planted will help mitigate climate change, enhance communities and create homes for wildlife. It was organised in partnership with the Daily Mail, The Orchard Project, TCV, Trees for Cities, the Woodland Trust and more. The campaign was inspired by former National Tree Champion Sir William Worsley.

Find out how to apply for a schools orchard with the Tree Angel Orchards Fund

  • We’re developing the details of the fund now so if you’re interested, all you need to do now is register your interest. The Tree Council will get in touch when applications are open. Register at: http://www.bit.ly/1000orchards
  • Any school can apply. Community groups that work with young people, such as Scouts, Brownies or church youth groups, are also welcome to apply.
  • Not sure if you have space for an orchard? Register anyway! Perhaps can don’t have room for a five-tree orchard, but you do for a row of fruit-bearing, pollution-busting hedgerow!
  • If you’re not a teacher or school, you can still get involved by applying for the general tree planting fund – stay tuned for more details on this in the coming months.


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