Students around the country are becoming a #ForceForNature

We know from enabling children to plant thousands of trees in schools across the UK, that young people really care about the health of our planet. During 2020, we have seen just how much of an amazing force for nature young people can be if given the tools and the voice to speak up.

Re-connecting students with nature and each other

Some 89% of surveyed youth think young people can make a difference on climate change.

But the coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on young people, disconnecting them from their peers and interrupting their studies. By planting, caring for and learning about trees in school, young people can:

  • Reconnect, with nature, each other and their school and teachers.
  • Learn, why trees matter to their health and learn how to create a healthier environment.
  • Share, their new knowledge, experiences and compassion with the world, helping to create a healthier future for all life on earth.

Get involved

There are several ways to create a #ForceForNature in your school.
a student plants a tree while a teacher holds it steady
Applications open

Orchard for Schools free tree packs

Thanks to support from the Daily Mail, you can apply for a pack to plant a small orchard or fruiting hedgerow in your school. We’ll provide all the resources and information you need to plant trees this autumn/winter planting season.

student holding be a tree champion sign - small

Set up a Tree Champions Club in your school

The Tree Council and M&G plc have teamed up to inspire teachers and children to unlock the power of trees, through a new, national Young Tree Champions programme. Young Tree Champions will connect, learn and share the power of trees, and together become a national  #ForceForNature

School Grants for Trees
School grants

Branching Out Fund

Funding is available for schools and community groups proposing to undertake well-planned tree and hedge planting projects this winter (November 2020 – March 2021), preferably during National Tree Week – 28 November – 6 December 2020.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about the Tree Council’s Orchard for Schools programme, please have a read of our exciting case studies. If you have any further questions then please contact us at

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