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Science and Research

Science and Research2023-11-28T18:25:07+00:00

Improving the way we care for our UK treescape.

Our Science & Research team brings the very best evidence to those who need it, with a focus on tree health and resilience. From trialling methods of hedgerow establishment to exploring how citizen science can inform pest and disease response, we work with a diverse range of scientists and partners to deliver research that makes a difference.

Trees and Woodland Strategy Toolkit

Trees and Woodland Strategy

We’ve created a step-by-step guide for local authorities and their stakeholders to develop and deliver a local tree strategy and harness the long-term benefits that trees can bring to local communities.

Trees Outside of Woodland

Establishing trees outside woodlands

We’re exploring ways to rereduce the costs of quality tree establishment through Defra’s Shared Outcomes Fund.



Through our work with Hedgelink and the Life on the Hedge programme, The Tree Council aims to protect and conserve our hedgerows for the future.

Science and Research

Ash dieback

Since the arrival of ash dieback, The Tree Council has led research into the early responses and coping strategies of public landowners to this new disease.

Oak Processionary Moth

Oak processionary moth

We’ve worked with Defra, Forestry Commission and Forest Research to produce a practical toolkit that will equip local authorities and others responsible for managing trees with the information and tools needed to develop local risk-based management approaches for OPM.

Mistletoe Research

Mistletoe is thought to be spreading in the UK, but we don’t know where and why. Exciting new research aims to gather data and forecast the future of this intriguing and important plant.

Latest news

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