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LOTH Episode 5: Cultural cultivation

Life On The Hedge: Episode 5

Today we’re off to Penpont in the Brecon Beacons as 30 young volunteers and future conservationists undertake a mission to plant 3,000 trees in a day, restoring a degraded hedgerow.

Forrest Hogg invites us to his family estate where farms, tenanted communities, makers, growers and eco-tourism businesses meet within a vibrant cultural scene.

Samuel Harpur, National Park Warden, also grew up locally. He and Forrest chat about why it matters more than ever to cultivate biodiversity and restore sustainable landscapes. Sam shares insights into day-to-day life as a National Park Warden and Molly Singleton from Action for Conservation explains why it’s so important for young people to pursue all the fantastic opportunities on offer to work with trees and the environment.

And we meet some of the inspiring young volunteers getting hands on planting hedges along the foot of the beautiful beacons.

We also hear from Sophie Pavelle, zoologist and author, on her upcoming new book and what advice she has for young people wanting to make the leap into nature conservation.


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