Tree Strategies help us ‘think in tree time’

A Tree Strategy is a plan for managing trees in a specific area. A strategy allows a local authority or other organisation to manage the trees it looks after well. It takes the benefits and risks of trees into account, setting long-term goals to drive up tree numbers and canopy cover, diversify the tree stock, and protect existing trees for future generations.

We need Tree Strategies at the national and local level.

Every local authority should have a Tree Strategy, a living document which guides all of their tree work.

We also need a national strategy which sets ambitious goals and commitments to trees across the UK. The government is currently developing one – sign up to our newsletter to find out when the strategy is open for consultation.

Existing Tree Strategies

Below is a list of the Tree Strategies which are currently valid. If you know of a local authority Tree Strategy that isn’t on this list, please email