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National Hedgerow Week

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6 – 12 May 2024

Hedgerows need our help

Hedgerows are the often-unsung heroes of the British countryside, yet they form the UK’s largest wildlife habitat, are a major part of our landscape and cultural heritage, and crucial to halting biodiversity decline and tackling climate change. From now on, National Hedgerow Week will take place in Spring.

UK Hedgerows

National Hedgerow Week 2023: Healthy Hedgerows

This year’s National Hedgerow Week was all about promoting healthy hedgerows. Well managed hedgerow provides everything wildlife needs to thrive from a thick nesting place to a diverse food source for mammals and insects.

A healthy hedge also means healthy people as they protect us against pollution and improve the looks and feel of our towns and cities bosting our moods and encouraging more healthy ways to travel such as walking and cycling.

“Britain’s hedgerows stretch over 700,000km – but in the last 75 years the UK has lost 50% of its hedgerows. Our relationship with hedgerows needs to change urgently as we face up to the dual biodiversity and climate crises in the coming years.”

– Sara Lom, The Tree Council CEO

Visit the Hedgelink website

If you’d like to know more about National Hedgerow Week, then check out Hedgelink. Hedgelink brings together organisations and individuals with a love of hedgerows. We share knowledge and ideas to encourage and inspire everyone to take action to manage, protect and conserve our hedgerows for the future.

Hedgerow resources

You can download the latest resources, tips and guidance to support you throughout National Hedgerow Week…


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