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Arundel’s Notable Trees: Walk the Talk

Recommended walk

A Tree Warden’s audio commentary leads this walk around beautiful Arundel, passing 15 of its notable trees, or groups of trees. These include black poplar, Wellingtonia, strawberry tree, cedar of Lebanon, a thirty-foot high hedge of C. leylandii, Catalpa and a unique double-double avenue of limes planted in the late 19th Century. The commentary includes information on each tree or group of trees.

This audio walk can be covered in a wheelchair and accessed by any mobile phone using the izi.travel App or via the Visit Arundel website:

Starting point:

Arundel Museum
Mill Road
West Sussex
BN18 9PA

Accessibility details:

Suitable for those with mobility challenges.


3km / 1.5 hours

Recommended by

West Sussex Tree Warden Network


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