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Cowdray Park Walk


Recommended walk

The walk is a country footpath, situated in the Cowdray Park, just outside the Tudor market town of Midhurst and bordered by the River Rother which includes some ancient oak and chestnut trees.

It can also be accessed from the town of Midhurst, via a wide, but sometimes muddy, causeway. If you choose the latter route, you will need to access the ruins via a stone bridge and wooden gate, having made use of the car park adjacent to the town, on the A286. Refreshments and public toilets are available at both approaches to the walk.

Starting point:

Cowdray Farm Shop and Cafe A272
West Sussex GU29
United Kingdom

Accessibility details:

The park is well suited for family walks. If there are young, elderly or frail members in your group it might be worth checking beforehand that it is suitable for them.


2 hours

Recommended by

West Sussex County Council


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