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Mousehold Sequoia and Silver Birch

Recommended walk

Have a stomp across this heath and woodland in north east Norwich, and let your senses and feet lead the way. Mousehold Heath is now mostly covered by broad-leaf semi-natural woodland and is full of silver birch and rowan. Hidden near Zak’s Diner there is an unexpected giant redwood, thought to have been planted around the turn of the 20th century.

Starting point:

Zak’s Mousehold Diner

Gurney Rd

Mousehold Heath


Accessibility details:

There is a wheelchair accessible path along the perimeter of Mousehold Heath, however unfortunately much of the heath itself has informal paths and uneven terrain.


As long as you want! Most of the north eastern half of Mousehold can be walked in an hour.

Recommended by

Team Tree Council – Amélie


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