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Syston Trees 1

Recommended walk

This is a long walk around Syston with some corridors of concrete but connecting a large amount of trees along the route. Plenty of opportunities to grab something to eat in Syston itself. Expect to see European Spindle, Beech, Birch, Chestnuts, Oak, Sycamore, Firs, Willow, Buckthorn, Copper Beech, Heritage Apples, pears, plums, Syston White plums, Hazel, Rowan, Hawthorn and Mulberries. Accessibility: The route along the canal is not suitable for wheelchairs, although there are no steps, there is a steep ramp at the end of Meadow Lane, and the car park entrance at the Hope and Anchor would be needed so there are sleeping policemen. At the Hope and Anchor, Watermead Park is accessible via the car park to the west, rather than the cobbled towpath. There are gates with RADAR keys. Otherwise, this route is pavements and road. Map has been provided.

Starting point:

Hobby Horse
Glebe Way

Accessibility details:

Unfortunately, this walk is not suitable for those with mobility challenges.


Approx. 10km / 2.5 hours

Recommended by

Leicestershire Tree Warden Network

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