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20 March – 22 September

Newly planted trees need care in order to thrive.

Newly planted trees need simple care in their tender early years to thrive. Carrying out a little tree care is a great way to stay connected to the tree or trees you have planted, and could help them prosper for years and even decades to come. It’s easy to help young trees survive those critical first five years. Find our useful tree care tips below.



As long as you plant at the right time of year and have mulched and weeded well, you usually won’t need to water unless there is a very dry spell of more than a few weeks. In drought conditions, or when planting somewhere with poor soil quality or exposed to the wind or full sun, it’s best to water regularly in the summer to help the young trees establish.


Mulching is a simple, effective way to control weeds, protect the tree’s roots from extreme temperatures and keep the ground moist and cool. It means you can avoid using chemicals on any weeds and there’s no need to use a lawn mower or strimmer near the tree, which can risk damaging the bark.

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Exposure to a cold wind can kill the roots of a young tree so check on your tree after storms or hard frosts, and in the early spring and make sure roots are covered. Adjust trees to upright and heel them back in if they have moved after any storms.


Young trees will often need a guard (also known as tree shelters, spirals or tree tubes) if in an area where animals like deer or rabbits could cause damage. It’s important to position guards correctly from the outset, allowing enough space for the tree to grow properly. They should be removed if and when they become restrictive.

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Young trees need moisture, nutrients, light and space, and weeds can compete with them for these. It’s important to keep an area of about one square metre around the growing tree weed-free for at least the first three years. You can do this by hand, uprooting grasses and other weeds or ensuring there is a thick layer of mulch. Don’t be tempted to cut the weeds back or mow them as this encourages growth!

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