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Seeds, trees and trains – meet our new Head of Major Tree Planting Programmes

The Tree Council

July 17, 2020

Our partnership with Network Rail

Tree planting opportunities – with thanks to Network Rail

Growing up in the hazel and chestnut coppice of Kent’s North Downs germinated a love of trees in me and led me to study a Higher National Diploma and Honours Degree in Forestry and Woodland Management. Following roles with private estates, the Forestry Commission, local authorities, Woodland Trust, Defra and Glendale, I am now thrilled to join The Tree Council as Head of Major Tree Planting Projects.

In this role, I hope to engage, inspire and support people in planting more trees, caring for them, understanding them, and most of all enjoying them! Our partnership with Network Rail is a cornerstone of my work. The Tree Council has held the role of ‘critical friend’ with Network Rail for several years, supporting them to improve their approach to vegetation management along 20,000 miles of railway corridors. We are now delighted to be partnering with them on a brand new tree-planting programme. This four-year project aims to plant thousands of trees in communities across England. Our mantra is always planting the right trees in the right places for the right reasons and using your local knowledge, I would love to hear your ideas about potential sites and communities we could potentially partner with.  Just contact me by email – lewis.morrison@treecouncil.org.uk

Working together for trees in Gloucestershire – Ourboretum

Prior to taking up post with The Tree Council, I was involved with a partnership project led by BBC Radio Gloucestershire and the Cotswold Conservation Board that seeks to respond to the devastating impacts of ash dieback.  The Tree Council was already engaged and I also met many others truly inspired to take action for trees.

This led to the birth of the ‘Ourboretum’ project, an initiative to plant 2020 trees this winter in a ‘virtual arboretum’ across Gloucestershire, in schools, allotments, reserves, local parks or any other appropriate land – all part of replacing some of the ash that will be lost.

The project at this stage focuses on oak, beech, and hazel, as these species thrive across the county, but also keeps things simple to enable people to participate easily.  Gloucestershire folk will be encouraged to gather mast this Autumn and the Ourboretum website has excellent practical downloadable resources to help guide through the process of germinating trees at home.

If you live in Gloucestershire or have contacts there and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

I look forward very much to working with you, and for you, over the coming years.

Lewis Morrison, Head of Major Tree Planting Projects


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