Grow the trees of the future.

Our annual Seed Gathering Season inspires everyone to join us to gather seeds, fruits and nuts which can be nurtured to grow the trees of the future. Now in its 21st year, The Tree Council welcomes all our volunteer Tree Wardens, member organisations, local communities and families to get involved during the month-long celebrations. The campaign runs from September 22, which is the autumn equinox and considered to be the first day of autumn. It finishes on October 22.

Get gathering!

Seed Gathering Season is the perfect time for all of us to get outside and make a difference. Going out to gather seeds, fruits and nuts ahead of the winter tree planting season and growing your own trees from seed is a great way to help us all grow a greener, tree-filled future.

Trees and hedgerows store carbon, improve our health, reduce pollution and so much more. By gathering seeds (and growing them!), you can help make sure that our treescapes continue to thrive in the future.

Seed gathering is a fun, free and easy activity that anyone can get involved in. You don’t need to live near woodland, be a tree expert or have any special equipment – just enthusiasm! Tree Wardens and other community groups in your area may be running seed gathering events and you can check with them directly to find out more. Alternatively, you can get gathering with friends, family or colleagues or organise your own event using our seed gathering resources.

Tips for collecting fruit and seeds to eat.

If you are planning to collect fruit and seeds to eat, here are some tips:

  • Fruit is the property of the landowner
  • Don’t collect anything from trees beside busy roads or on old industrial sites
  • Don’t allow unsupervised children to pick – or eat – from trees and make sure you know exactly what you are picking: some of the most attractive berries are poisonous and easily mistaken for edible ones
  • Wherever you gather your wild food, wash it well
  • Don’t pick more than you need and do not damage the trees

Getting involved…

Around the country, volunteer Tree Wardens and other champions of local trees will be holding events on how to harvest local tree seeds responsibly and sustainably to celebrate Seed Gathering Season. Please check their websites and social media profiles for more information or get in touch directly with groups in your area. The Tree Council itself is not currently running any seed gathering events.

Disclaimer: please be aware that due to COVID-19, events are subject to changes and cancellations. The Tree Council is not responsible for the running of third party events, and individuals must take responsibility to ensure that the events they attend adhere to local, regional and national safety guidelines.