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Tree-mendous tree planting success with Tree Council’s Community Grants Programme

The Tree Council

May 7, 2021

Geraldine Creaven, Administration Officer for The Tree Council, shares just some of the wonderful projects Tree Wardens have helped deliver through our Branching Out tree planting grants programme

The Tree Council’s community grants programme has once again been heralded a huge success. Despite the challenges presented by the Covid pandemic which has limited tree planting activities, we are so pleased to have received over a hundred applications to our Branching Out Community Grants scheme, 16 of which came from Tree Wardens! It was a delight to see the wide range of planting projects, which included street trees, fruit trees in community gardens and community orchards, rural and urban hedgerows, trees for pocket parks and tree nurseries. Each of these projects stood out as being exceptional, providing many benefits for both people and wildlife in local communities across the UK.

Tree Wardens across the country get young people planting

Tree Wardens supported many of these projects, including Applecross Community Company and Hallaton in the Great War Research Group. Applecross Community Company, supported by Catherine Lloyd, based in Strathcarron, Scotland captured our imaginations with their desire to create a unique green space for learning and helping the environment through a ‘food forest’. Planting a variety of fruit and nut trees and shrubs, in line with social distancing guidelines, they have truly delivered on their ambitions. Jez Mears, Hallaton Tree Warden, and member of the Hallaton in the Great War Research group, said, “The aim of ‘Hallaton 45 Sentinels Project’ is to plant 45 oak trees in fields surrounding Hallaton village, as beautiful living memorials to the 45 men from our village who died in the First and Second World Wars, 100 years ago.” The positions of the trees were carefully chosen to ensure maximum landscape value. A small team of adults and young people in family groups planted the trees in a parkland style across several sites which are accessible by public footpath. As most of the sites were in fields grazed by cattle and sheep, the trees had to have robust tree protection. Applications to our Community grants programme will be opening soon, so we encourage all Tree Wardens to keep a watch on our website for more details here.


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