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The Tree Council

February 1, 2018

Tree Trail

The Tree Council has teamed up with TiCL Media to help people to enjoy trees and share their experiences as they are out walking.

What can a TiCL App #TreeTrail do for you?

Using a TiCL App #TreeTrail can help visitors explore and learn about the trees in a park or town, without the need for any printed map or physical signage. Sightseers can walk around the area and find out what the people who value the trees there have to say about them. It might be factual information, it might be stories; either way, it will add interest to their explorations.  It can also help visitors find amenities and other points of significance in a park.

Here’s how you can join in.

Follow a #TreeTrail

A TiCL App #TreeTrail helps people explore a park or town, identify different tree species, learn about trees and discover interesting specimens and related points of interest.

Download the TiCL app and you’re half way to finding out what #TreeTrails others before you have created. 

Create a #TreeTrail yourself 

If there isn’t a #TreeTrail in the place you’re exploring, you can make one yourself and create a legacy for others arriving after you. Doncaster’s Friends of Sandall Park already created a tree trail around more than 60 species of trees in the park. Have a look at it to see just what is possible.

The TiCL App automatically generates a personalised weblink map of your park and can include links to relevant websites or social media streams so that as visitors explore the park of town physically, they also find the organisation virtually.

A TiCL App #TreeTrail can be created free by Friends Groups and Tree Wardens – you can download complete instructions on what you need to think about and how you go about creating your own  #TreeTrail.

And if you want to publicises your tree trail or organise a walk as part of Walk in The Woods download the free poster.


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