About the network

Barnsley Volunteer Tree Warden group started in 2021. We are an independently constituted group with an active committee of 6 core members and a Facebook group of over 50 members from the Barnsley area.

We have already taken part in Barnsley Council’s 10,000 trees project, which saw a mixture of bare root native trees planted, to extend the (approximately) 20-year-old woodland around Athersley Memorial Park. We also managed to do some work with a local farmer filling in hedgerows, before the end of March this year, so have been extremely busy.

We are currently planning a couple of large tree planting projects and will also be working closely with Barnsley Council to help manage the woodlands and newly planted trees in the Barnsley area and to engage the local community to reconnect with nature through trees and the wildlife they support.

We meet regularly and encourage anyone interested in trees with a little time to spare to join us and we will support you to contribute to the group according to your interests and abilities.

Whether you would like to work with local schools or youth groups, help with fund raising or publicity, conduct surveys or simply help get trees in the ground: coming to our meetings is a great way to meet likeminded people, learn about trees and wildlife and contribute to your local community.

Contact information

Coordinator: Ben Potts
Postcode: S713HF
Contact Email: barnsleyvolunteertreewardens@gmail.com
WEBSITE – https://www.facebook.com/groups/485908176641870