About the network

Broadland Tree Wardens have been planting, protecting and caring for trees and woodlands in Broadland since 1990 when the Tree Council launched the Tree Warden Scheme and was one of the first district councils in the country to set up a network of Parish Tree Wardens.

In November 2018 Broadland District Council, in common with many local authorities, sadly closed its scheme and the Tree Wardens launched their own, independent Network of volunteer Tree Wardens, maintaining their links with town and parish councils and parish meetings. Broadland District Council kindly continued to provide the Network with a generous tree planting budget thereby overcoming one of the biggest hurdles facing independent networks. Funding.

The Broadland Tree Warden Network has 32 Tree Wardens covering some 63 town and parish councils and parish meetings and, to prevent the Wardens feeling isolated, we encourage the creation of local groups that will collectively carry out projects. Regular meetings help encourage feedback to the Executive Committee from Wardens and also help to prevent any feeling of isolation. The feedback received enables the Executive Committee to provide the training required to enable the Wardens to perform a full range of functions. Much of that training is provided by officers from Broadland District Council.

Broadland Tree Wardens are involved in a wide range of tree related activities from planting trees and their aftercare. That includes community woodland and orchards. They recommend trees for protection by Broadland District Council with Tree Preservation Orders and monitor and comment on applications for works to preserved trees. Many Broadland Tree Wardens work with local schools and youth groups and two run a Junior Tree Warden scheme in their parish, encouraging youngsters to experience the full range of Tree Warden activities. As one of those wardens says “we don’t have to look for Tree Wardens because we are growing our own!”

Some Wardens write regular articles for their parish magazines and similar outlets and one has had a book published on the notable trees in his parish. Broadland Tree Wardens are kept up to date, both locally and nationally, by their own monthly colour magazine “Broadsheet” which celebrated its 20th anniversary in September 2018 and is now approaching its 200th edition.

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