About the network

Ealing was the first London Borough to introduce a Tree Warden Network as part of the ‘Londoners Love Trees initiative’ in December 2011. The Tree Council co-ordinates the Tree Warden Scheme nationally and works with local authorities to establish networks locally.
The Tree Wardens in Ealing play a key role in helping to maintain the new street trees that are planted, helping to ensure that they survive through their more vulnerable early years. Common maintenance work includes watering the trees, keeping the trees weed free and checking the stake is secure.
The Tree Wardens have also planted fruit tree orchards and pruned orchard trees as well as cleared rubbish from woodland areas.

Latest News:
Ealing Tree Wardens won a ReLeaf Award.

The award was given for the project that improves the street scene and is valued by local residents and/or businesses.
The Ealing Street Tree Initiative was commended for being an excellent example of collaboration between local people and a Local Authority to plant and care for trees in streets and public places, improving the streetscene and benefiting communities.

Contact information

Co-ordinator: Dale Mortimer
Postcode: W5 2HL
Email: MortimerD@ealing.gov.uk