About the network

Every parish in East Devon has a tree warden (or a vacant position for one!) and some have several. The parish tree warden is there to keep an eye on protected trees, to raise awareness of the value of trees in the local community and to encourage people to look after trees carefully. They often do this in conjunction with the parish council.

Some tree wardens also:

  • Comment on planning applications relating to trees
  • Get involved in planting trees in the parish or encouraging others to do so
  • Survey trees or hedgerows in their parish
  • Take local people on tree walks
  • Involve school children in tree planting or growing trees from seed
  • Encourage farmers to protect hedgerow trees or saplings
  • Encourage sustainable management of orchards

A tree warden can do as much or as little as they like, depending on the workload in the parish and their own interests and available time. Tree wardens are encouraged to maintain close links with the District Council Tree Officers who can provide information about tree management, law and protection and data about which trees are protected within an individual parish.

Contact information

Postcode: EX14
Email: trees@eastdevon.gov.uk