About the network

The East Lindsey Tree Warden Network was established by East Lindsey District Council in 2000, in partnership with the Tree Council and is co-ordinated by the District Council’s Neighbourhoods Team. The network has grown steadily, and currently stands at 57 Wardens, covering 51 parishes, which is a significant achievement, in such a rural area.

East Lindsey Tree Wardens are volunteers appointed their local Parish/Town Councils, and while they have no statutory powers, they perform an important role, encouraging tree retention and suitable planting in their parish, and other environmental enhancements, as well as acting as the eyes and ears of the District’s Tree Officer.

The general aim of the network is to have a local person with an interest in the natural environment that can act as a first point of reference for local people and the Parish Council with regard to tree matters.

We offer a number of free events/training days to appointed Wardens, as well as sending regular mailings and publications. The amount of time and effort required for the role is as much or as little as you wish to give. Tree Wardens do not need to be a member of the Parish Council or have any specialist knowledge, although this is sometimes the case.

So if you are interested in becoming a Tree Warden, get in touch with your local Parish Council and volunteer your services.

The best way to contact your Parish Council is through your Parish Clerk, whose contact details you can find on our website.

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