About the network

Haringey Tree Wardens started in 2011 in collaboration with Alex Fraser, Tree & Nature Conservation Manager for Haringey Council

Since then the group has been led by Chris Setz (Chairperson), who is now the Network Coordinator for the Haringey Council Tree Warden Scheme, led by Alex Fraser
Over the years we have undertaken a range of tree-related activities including guided tree walks all over our borough

We aspire to become a group which:

  • Participates in planning, obtaining funding for and maintaining hedges, green spaces and parks across the Borough
  • Collates and reports tree issues to the appropriate Council Officers
  • Feeds back tree information and data to help keep the council’s records up to date and inform strategy
  • Carries out minor tree maintenance works with the advance consent of the (tree) owners
  • Aims to protect existing trees and increase the borough’s tree canopy cover
  • Feeds back comments on planning applications where trees are affected via the relevant Tree Office
  • Assists Friends of Parks groups, Residents’ Associations and other environment groups with plantinggreen issues
  • Disseminates tree-related news and information and helps provide training
  • Undertakes a programme of events that suit member interests

Contact information