Network coordinator details:

Set up by the council arboricultural manager Dave Lofthouse in 1992, the group has since 1999 been led by Tree Warden Jane Plant working in co-operation with the council as an increasingly active and effective group which:

  • Plans, obtains funding, plants and maintains community woodlands and hedges
  • Reports tree problems to the appropriate council officer
  • Plots street trees to help update the council’s records
  • Carries out minor maintenance works to existing trees in streets and parks
  • Carries out woodland management tasks on council land
  • Runs the annual Favourite Tree in Merton competition
  • Aims to protect existing trees, comments on planning applications where trees are affected and aims to increase the borough’s tree canopy cover
  • Assists Friends of parks groups, residents’ associations and other environment groups with their planting projects
  • Produces a regular newsletter which is widely distributed
  • Seeks to make contact with other groups to widen our interest and activities


We have a programme of events planned to suit our members’ interests.


For further details contact Jane Plant.


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