About the network

The current network was officially established by the Tree Wardens early in 2011. The new structure was in response to changes within South Hams District Council. The Network is an independent body, formally affiliated to the Tree Council, with a constitution agreed with the latter but with its members continuing to work closely with the tree office within the District Council.

The South Hams area has some 60 parishes lying between Wembury in the south west, Shaugh Prior in the north west, Marldon in the north east and East Prawle in the south east. It covers many locations on the south Devon coast but some parishes, and consequently tree warden activity, extend into Dartmoor National Park.

Our activities over the years have included all the customary ones e.g.”South Hams Tree Planting Year 2009” (with approximately 7000 trees planted) and a close association with the administration of the Tree Preservation Order system. This includes responses to specific requests from the council’s tree officer to make visits to see trees and report back.

In 2017 we intend to re-establish some formal training sessions for tree wardens that have diminished over the years. We have been actively recruiting tree wardens and it was felt that some training sessions would be helpful. The tree office, at SHDC, has offered to help offering to provide rooms and equipment if needed. Past funding for the network has been mainly from generous donations from the District Council.

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