About the network

The Surrey Tree Warden Network is here for you. Quite simply, without Tree Wardens there is no Network. We are a small committee who put together events, training and information. Our aim is to give you the tools you need to be an effective Tree Warden.

We can put you in touch with other Tree Wardens or other organisations who may be able to help you. We can tell you who to contact at you local council; where to go for grant funding for projects; help with specifications for tree and hedge planting, or if you are working on a larger project provide contacts for specialist advice.

That said, we need you to give us local news, updates on projects, photographs, in fact anything you think may be of interest to other Tree Wardens. For example, we can publish your local events or the records of any finds you may wish to share.

We have a fantastic website full of information concerning the latest news in the tree world, an events calendar, photo gallery, information on tree pests & diseases and details on training and further reading. For information about this network see http://www.surreytreewardens.org.uk

Wish to know more about the Surrey Tree Warden Network? Then contact Patricia Brookwick on the email provided.

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