About the network

The Tree Warden Scheme in Tendring has been operating since 1991, soon after the commencement of the national scheme in 1990. In the 17 years that it has been running local volunteers have been working hard across the district to promote the importance of existing trees and woodlands and to plant new trees.

Tree Wardens are appointed by their local Town or Parish Councils, or other community groups and the network is co-ordinated by Tendring District Council.

There are currently 27 Tree Wardens representing the areas within which they live.

Each year the District Council gives a tree planting grant to local councils of up to 50% of the cost planting new trees. This scheme has proved to be popular with Tree Wardens and local councils. The benefits that new tree planting provides to the environment has so impressed District Councillors that they decided to increase the annual budget to £5,000. This will result in hundreds of new trees being planted each year.

As an indication of the type of projects carried out by our wardens in early 2008 Local Tree Wardens planted over 100 hedgerow trees in the parish of Gt. Bromley (see photo). The trees were ‘grown on’ in a tree nursery situated on land owned by the Local Warden. Other wardens have assisted local businesses with new tree planting schemes and work in partnership with local landowners to maintain and care for trees across the district.

To help local Tree Wardens regular newsletters are produced and training sessions are held throughout the year. Anyone interested in becoming involved should either contact their local town or parish council or Tendring District Council’s Tree Warden Co-ordinator, Clive Dawson – Principal Tree and Landscape Officer.

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