About the network

The newly established Tree Warden network is a collaborative effort led by the Woodland Creation and Rewilding Team at Walsall Borough Council. At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to fostering the growth and preservation of woodlands throughout the borough. Supported by the Trees for Climate Fund and the newly established Living Heritage Fund, we are actively planning tree planting projects to combat climate change and enhance the natural heritage of our community.

Our dedicated rewilding team is deeply passionate about involving the local community in the conservation and sustainable development of our natural spaces, so we are therefore preparing an engaging calendar of community activities and initiatives.

Whether you’re interested in working with local schools, conducting surveys, planting and nurturing trees, collecting seeds, or simply keeping an eye on tree-related matters, we invite you to join us. The commitment level is entirely flexible, so we welcome anyone who shares our enthusiasm. As a Tree Warden, you’ll receive free training, regular updates, and informative publications to support your valuable contributions. Please get in touch using the details on this page.

Contact information