About the network

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Tree Warden network has been running since 2006. There are approximately 60 Tree Wardens who regularly help monitor the trees within the Borough.

The Tree Wardens assist in protecting the trees within the Borough by gathering information, monitoring trees in decline and looking out for any pests and diseases that might affect the trees.

The Tree Wardens have also been instrumental in setting up a community orchard within the Borough. They have been involved in the selection and planting of the orchard and continue to help maintain the trees. It is hoped that in the near future the Tree Wardens will organise and run Apple Days at the orchard.

The Tree Wardens meet approximately every two months for sessions with guest speakers. These meetings also offer the opportunity for training and sharing knowledge. Previous meetings have discussed topics from tree maintenance, photography and forest therapy. There is an annual outing every year.

New volunteers are always welcome, whatever their skills. To find out more, contact Emma Griffin on e.griffin@welhat.gov.uk

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