About the network

The Wiltshire Tree Warden network was established in 2009 and is coordinated by Wiltshire Council’s Rights of Way (Row) and Countryside Service.

The Row and Countryside Service organise events and training days as well as providing technical tree advice and support for all volunteers.

Over the last couple of years the scheme has gone from strength to strength with approximately 65 Tree Wardens actively involved in tree related matters across 58 parishes in Wiltshire.

The Tree Wardens role can include planting and caring for trees and local woods, surveying trees and gathering information about them, providing early warning of disease or vandalism, getting together with like-minded people for training and field trips, leading guided tree walks, setting up tree nurseries using seeds collected locally, and above all, getting local communities involved to make trees matter to everyone.

Various events that have taken place in Wiltshire range from walk in the woods, an insight into ancient trees and parklands, tree law, fungi, formative pruning, the ecology of bats, tree planting and seed gathering, with many more to follow in 2012/2013 (please visit our website for an up to date events programme: wiltshiretreewardens.co.uk).

Wiltshire Tree Wardens maintain their own website and produce a newsletter three times a year. This enables them to keep in touch and ensure they know what is going on and what others are doing in the rest of the county.

New Tree Wardens are very welcome, especially in areas currently without wardens. For more information please contact Vicky Roscoe, network co-ordinator via email: vicky.roscoe@wiltshire.gov.uk

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